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Bilingual Seal

APS Bilingual Seal - Sello Bilingüe
APS Bilingual Seal - Sello Bilingüe

Elementary Bilingual Seal

The elementary bilingual seal is the first honor students may earn on their journey toward bilingualism and biliteracy throughout their years in K-12. Students have the opportunity to continue working for the middle school and high school seal if they continue coursework in both English and the target language and complete a portfolio. The elementary bilingual seal portfolio is a holistic presentation of how students demonstrate their proficiency with bilingual reading, writing and speaking skills through their academic achievement, involvement with the school, service to the community and personal development.

Ways parents can support their child to work toward the bilingual seal:

Exemplary Work

Preserve the most impressive school projects, tests, or student writing from each of the student's school years.

Community Service

Get involved in a community service project with the student.


Enroll the student in a least one after-school activity, club, or sport opportunity per school year.  Record who was the activity sponsor; keep registration information; preserve photos taken during the activity.

Personal Option

Encourage the student to develop his/her own personal interests and hobbies.  

The KEY IDEA is that parents encourage and support their children to actively apply their communication skills in English and the target language in school, home, and community, be involved in school activities and preserve their memories by taking photos and having their students keep a journal where they can write about these experiences.

By Terri Bitsie, 5th grade Dual Language Teacher