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Borrowing & FAQs

How many books can I check out?

This depends on what grade you are in and what your library borrowing history has been.  Weekly Borrowing Limits:

  • PreK - 1st Grade: one book at a time
  • 2nd - 5th Grade: two books books at a time
  • Adult Family Members:  5 books at a time
  • Teachers & Staff:  Unlimited

*Borrowing Limits may be extended if additional books are required for class assignments or if the student has a good record of caring for library materials.

How long can I keep my borrowed materials?

Your books are due 1 week after you checked them out.  If you need the books longer than 1 week, bring them to library and ask for a renewal

What if I lose or damage a book, magazine or other library item?

You will need to pay the cost of the library material that was damaged or lost.  Ask librarian for replacement cost and pay to office secretary for a receipt.  If you are unable to pay cost of replacement, speak with librarian.