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Administration & School Office
Contact Patricia Archuleta  Patricia Archuleta Assistant Principal
Contact Jasmin Maestas  Jasmin Maestas Principal
Contact Lucia Ortiz Salazar  Lucia Ortiz Salazar Office Clerk
Health Office
Contact Yoana Chavez Ordonez  Yoana Chavez Ordonez Health Office Assistant
Contact Laurie Pecotte  Laurie Pecotte School Nurse
New Mexico Pre-K Program (Full Day)
Contact Deborah Griego  Deborah Griego Teacher
Contact Arla Jaramillo  Arla Jaramillo Educational Assistant
Contact Rosanne Katz  Rosanne Katz Educational Assistant
Contact Angelina Saavedra  Angelina Saavedra Teacher
Contact Stella Irving  Stella Irving Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher
Contact Alexandria Martinez  Alexandria Martinez Educational Assistant
Contact Kristy Segura  Kristy Segura Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Macedonia Sepulveda  Macedonia Sepulveda Educational Assistant
1st & 2nd Grade
Contact Amy Ellis  Amy Ellis 1st Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact Catherine Houska  Catherine Houska Teacher in Residence
Contact Phillip King  Phillip King 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Joely Maltby  Joely Maltby 1st/2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact John Medina  John Medina 2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact Samantha Valkenburg  Samantha Valkenburg 2nd Grade Teacher
3rd & 4th Grade
Contact Debbie Aragon  Debbie Aragon 3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact Yadira Garcia  Yadira Garcia 4th Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact Kristy Gustafson  Kristy Gustafson 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Marilyn Ryder  Marilyn Ryder 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Silvia Sosa De Chavez  Silvia Sosa De Chavez 3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Terri Bitsie  Terri Bitsie 5th Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact Marissa Martinez  Marissa Martinez 5th Grade Teacher
Specials Classes
Contact Monica Chlastawa  Monica Chlastawa Physical Education Teacher (PE)
Contact Kelly Daly  Kelly Daly Librarian / Teacher / Webmaster
Contact Matthew Gates  Matthew Gates Art Teacher
Contact Dominica Martinez  Dominica Martinez Computer Lab Education Assistant
Support Staff & Therapeutic Services
Contact Kimberly Brooks  Kimberly Brooks Speech Language Therapist (SLP)
Contact AMY CARNES  AMY CARNES Occupational Therapist
Contact DARCY SQUIRE  DARCY SQUIRE Physical Therapist
Contact Rene Vandenbrink  Rene Vandenbrink Speech Language Therapist (SLP)
Contact LAURA ACOSTA  LAURA ACOSTA Cafeteria Staff
Contact Merissa Romero  Merissa Romero Cafeteria Staff
Custodial Cleaning Heroes
Contact Anthony Cordova  Anthony Cordova Custodian
Contact Henry Lopez  Henry Lopez Custodian
Contact Jesus Valencia  Jesus Valencia Head Custodian
Carino Team, Counseling, & Community School Initiative
Contact Andrea Anaya  Andrea Anaya Behavior Redirector / Educational Assistant
Contact Steven Baca  Steven Baca Dean of Students
Contact Jessica Casarez  Jessica Casarez (505) 437-1933 School Counselor
Contact Felipa Coon  Felipa Coon Family Liaison
Contact Shannon Porch  Shannon Porch Clinical Social Worker
Contact Shawn Salazar Griffin  Shawn Salazar Griffin Educational Assistant / Top D.O.G. & Program Contact for Watch D.O.G.s
Developmental Pre-K Program
Contact Danielle Bailey  Danielle Bailey Developmental Pre-K Teacher
Contact Geneva Candelaria  Geneva Candelaria Educational Assistant
Contact Bridget Carrillo  Bridget Carrillo Educational Assistant
Contact Leslie Denton  Leslie Denton Developmental Pre-K Teacher
Contact Veronica Gonzalez  Veronica Gonzalez Educational Assistant
Contact Tracy Jencik  Tracy Jencik Teacher
Contact Sarah Lucero  Sarah Lucero Educational Assistant
Contact Shawn Salazar Griffin  Shawn Salazar Griffin Educational Assistant / Top D.O.G. & Program Contact for Watch D.O.G.s
Contact Estella Tabet  Estella Tabet Pre-K Special Education Teacher
Contact Tammy Wade  Tammy Wade Pre-K Special Education Teacher
Contact Jaye Wellman  Jaye Wellman Educational Assistant
Special Education & Intervention
Contact Anna Benavidez  Anna Benavidez Gifted Education Teacher
Contact Tausha Cordova Moseley  Tausha Cordova Moseley Educational Assistant
Contact Ileana Gallegos  Ileana Gallegos Special Education Head Teacher
Contact Rafaelita Gonzales  Rafaelita Gonzales Intervention Assistant
Contact Veronica Hernandez  Veronica Hernandez Educational Assistant
Contact Stefannie Mercado Milanez  Stefannie Mercado Milanez Educational Assistant
Contact Danessa Posen  Danessa Posen Special Education Teacher
Contact Bertha Torrez  Bertha Torrez Educational Assistant
Contact Moriah Wilson-barone  Moriah Wilson-barone Special Education Teacher