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Contact Information


  • Yoana Chavez Ordonez
    Health Office Assistant

    Phone: (505) 836-7739, extension 53004
  • Laurie Pecotte
    School Nurse

    Phone: (505) 836-7739, extension 53005
  • Health Office
    Google Voice Number: (505) 750-2892
    Fax: (505) 391-2442

Is My Child Too Sick for School?

We want your child to be at school. Each day that they are absent, they miss out on valuable instruction time. We understand that there may be times that they are too sick to come to school. The videos below will help you to know when your child is too sick to come to school and when it is ok to send them.

In the health office we want to ensure that your child is healthy and remains healthy attending school. To help with this we check for immunization compliance from all students. After 3 notices of non-compliance, your child will be disenrolled. Please see the link on the side to learn more about immunizations and APS’s immunization policy.

When is Too Sick for School?

¿Cuando Está Demasiado Enfermo Su Hijo(a) para Ir a la Escuela?

Flu Shots

This year it is more important than ever to get a flu shot. To find more information about the flu shot and where you can get vaccinated visit Vaccine Finder

Health Office Screenings

We offer health screenings for our students. The following screenings are performed annually:

  • Pre K: Distance vision, hearing, height, weight, BMI, and dental
  • Kindergarten: Distance vision, stereoacuity, color blind, hearing, height, weight, BMI, and dental.
  • 1st grade: Distance vision
  • 3rd grade: Distance vision, height, weight, BMI, and dental

Medications at School

If your student has any chronic illnesses that require medical procedures or medication at school, we must have the appropriate forms on file in the health room. These forms must be signed by you and your health care provider. All health forms must be updated annually. Blank forms can be picked up at the health office or can be downloaded from the links below.

If you have any questions, you can contact the health office.